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Surgical technique


The Ligamys implant consists of a thread and a monobloc with a spring system. It creates a dynamic connection between femur and tibia, which stabilises the joint and relieves the injured cruciate ligament. The latter can heal up again, and the spring system ensures knee stability in every phase of movement.

Ligamys is implanted arthroscopically – the procedure takes about 45 minutes. Due to the decreasing healing potential, Ligamys must be used within 21 days after rupture.

Demonstration of the Ligamys surgical technique

Surgical procedure

Insertion of the implant

During surgery, the monobloc is first inserted into the tibial plateau using a positioning guide. The channel for the polyethylene thread is then drilled in the femur. The thread is secured with a flip anchor and guided through the femur to the tibial plateau and to the monobloc.




Before the polyethylene thread is fixed in the monobloc, a microfracturing is carried out. A few small holes are punched into the femur with an awl. As a result, stem cells migrate into the joint, promoting regeneration.




Finally, the thread is fixed under predefined tension in the spring system of the monobloc. This prevents the femur and tibia from shifting against each other during knee movements. The ruptured ligament is relieved and receives the necessary rest for a possible healing.



Adaptation of the cruciate ligament stumps

The two cruciate ligament stumps are not sutured together, but are adapted by means of absorbable threads and can thus grow together without tensile stress.



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