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As a rule, rehabilitation begins immediately after the surgery. However, this depends on the degree of injury and possible concomitant conditions. In cases of complex traumata or additional meniscus ruptures, the rehabilitation period is extended individually.



Rehab scheme for Ligamys aftercare

For optimal rehabilitation after Ligamys, the medical staff should keep in mind the special characteristics of the implant.


In cooperation with Inselspital Bern, a special rehabilitation scheme for Ligamys aftercare was developed. The rehab scheme provides four phases.

Ligamys Rehabilitation

Rest phase

In the first week after surgery, the load-bearing capacity of the structures is still very low. The mechanical loading of the leg should be limited to a minimum. To allow optimal scarring of the adapted cruciate ligament stumps, the knee is held in the extended position by an orthosis for the first 4 days.



Mobility phase

Swelling and pain decrease, and mobility increases. Moderate active mobilisation of the knee joint is now very important.




Strength build-up phase

Three to six weeks after the procedure, the strength-building phase begins. Its start depends on whether the patient can cope with everyday life without pain. It lasts four to six months after the surgery and aims to promote knee stability and strengthen the thigh muscles. The load can and should be significantly increased.





Sports-specific phase

In the fourth phase, rehabilitation is dedicated to sports-specific training. This can last six to twelve months after the surgery. Sporting stress in uncontrolled situations should be avoided in this phase, as should sudden and extreme increases in performance.



Back to Sports Test

The Back to Sports Test concludes the rehabilitation phase. If the patient passes this test, he/she can return to his/her normal training routine. The test consists of four exercises that assess the strength and mobility of the knee.

Back to Sports-Test

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